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About Us

Started in 2013, Kev's Blading Service a small business located in Bagley, Minnesota. Serving Northern Minnesota areas including: Bagley, Clearbrook, Shevlin, Bemidji, Nevis, Zerkel and much more! Owner/operator Kevin Sunderland offers blading, reshaping, skid steer & root grapple. Work consists of  blading driveways, parking lots, fixing potholes and repairing washouts. Can work with existing or shape new gravel brought in. Over the years Kev's Blading has bladed and reshaped many driveways, parking lots and more.  Kev's Blading Service prides itself on honesty, loyalty and providing exceptional customer service.


"Kevin was great at explaining what he was doing and why. He graded our driveway after we have fresh gravel put on. He was reasonably priced and worked within his quote. We would highly recommend him!"


"Excellent service, reasonable price. Highly recommended for blading services!"


"Great work at a good price. I highly recommend!"


"Fair and Honest! Would highly recommend the services provided!"


"We have been fortunate to use the services of Kev's Blading Service on two occasions. We have a 1/3rd mile long driveway in the Paul Bunyan forest and have always had major erosion damage until Kev's graded and crowned all the driving surfaces. He also made a parking area with proper drainage.

This last season when everyone I talked to had major washouts we had absolutely no erosion damage, a first! Kevin also coordinated all deliveries with Lakes Concrete which delivered very clean first rate recycled concrete. Kev's made everything so easy and convenient all we had to do was to make one phone call.

Kevin is very honest and cares about the quality of the work and satisfaction of the customer. Our only concern was that for all he provides we think he undercharges and we have told him so, another first!

We recommend Kev's Blading Service highly. If you have questions feel free to contact us.

-Dan & Louise Bass

Kev's Blading Service / 218-766-5103 / 34123 189th Avenue / Bagley, MN 56621


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